A Positive Mind

Simone Fraser is one of the most positive and grateful people I have met.  She often starts her sentences with “I am so lucky…” and with good reason.  Simone is blessed with intelligence and determination, she is energetic and capable. 

A Barrister with her own business, the sophisticated and unique French Quarter Chambers, a business she has built alongside her husband, Andrew.  Together they are fortunate to have three happy and healthy young children, with whom they love sharing their passion for travel with fantastic family holidays all over the world.

They also share something that often surprises people the first time they meet this successful couple – Simone and Andrew are both in wheelchairs.

This is only surprising because being in a wheelchair does not define them; it seems to barely affect them.  For Simone, she says she doesn’t know any different, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when just 10 months old and says there really is nothing she feels she cannot do.

Simone has been a competitive sports person, representing Queensland in swimming, horse riding and wheelchair track and road racing from the age of 12. She was also involved with the Australian wheelchair basketball squad and the Australian disabled swim team.

In 1997, at only 15 years of age, Simone was named Gold Coast Junior Citizen of the Year and was the Queensland ambassador for National Children’s Week.

She studied a combined degree at Bond University and was awarded a scholarship to complete her Masters in Paris.  Then was offered a role as the Marketing and Business Development Manager of Bond Uni, recruiting students throughout Europe.

So now with three children of her own – Angus 7, Audrey 5 and Collette 2 – Simone is bringing up happy, capable and well-balanced children who don’t see there is a difference between their own Mummy and Daddy and their friends’.  Accept that their eldest son says he would like to marry somebody in a wheelchair one day too so he can be as happy as his parents.