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Victoria-Rose Emery is a Post Grad Psychologist, consultant, business transformation leader, health Coach, founder and Director of PsyCounselling with a long list of academic qualifications and decades of experience, in business , psychology, health and education. As a passionate advocate of “Whole of Life Balance”,  she writes, speaks and teaches on subject related matters whole-heartedly and with great passion.

Whole of life balance to Victoria means having a positive attitude towards self and self-care, healthy relationships, climbing volcanos in South America with her adult children, spending time in her native Canada, riding horses, meditating in Asia or driving in a caravan in convoy to the Birdsville races.

Whole of life balance to Victoria-Rose is largely about making choices – everyday healthy choices in how we live, what we do, how we think, what we contribute, and who we want to be.  She is somewhat contemptuest about “quick-fixes”.

She is an ‘old school behaviourlist” when it comes to child rearing, and outspoken on matters around parenting, nutrition, packaged food, diet drinks and one not exercising or taking their vitamins….

Join Women of Influence for lunch Thursday 22 October, and enjoy our guest speaker, Victoria-Rose, as she addresses some concepts around  “having it all” .

You will enjoy the afternoon, if not gain some excellent tips on how to work towards whole of life balance.

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