Amanda is at the point in her life when she can shape her legacy

Our next event will feature an interview with a lady who can teach us a thing or two about relationships, Amanda Mostyn.

Amanda Mostyn is an experienced, qualified and skilled relationship builder – she has been a senior executive at the big end of town and is best known as one of the world’s few senior female executives of a stock exchange.   But it’s her current role that she considers her true legacy will be built.

Amanda is the Co-Director of the Chief Executive Women (CEW) Leaders Program, which is an environment for Senior Executives to grow, learn and support each other.  Amanda has been a part of this incredibly successful program sponsoring over 40 female executives to attend the program when she was Group Executive, Human Resources at ASX.

With over 30 years’ senior leadership experience in HR Strategy, Diversity, Organisational Development, Cultural Change and Corporate Social Responsibility, when Amanda left the big end of town to enjoy more balance and ended up in this role, she feels she can start to give back.

Amanda’s other legacy is proudly watching her two daughters hit the workforce knowing that she gave them the tools to thrive by being a strong role model.  An incredibly important standpoint from a high functioning working Mum who can now confidently answer the questions about work-life balance and not taking on the guilt of being a successful female executive and a good Mum.

When asked by women participating in the CEW program how to overcome “Mother-Guilt”, Amanda can reassure them that the best way to bring up happy and successful children is to be a good role model.

While children may not listen to what we are telling them, they are all “eyes and ears” and demonstrating how to hold conversations with people at all levels and building strong relationships is an incredibly valuable skill.