Back for another epic battle!

The Women of Influence Annual Great Debate has been a popular feature in our event calendar for many years now.

We love the format of a debate, it allows us to creatively choose a topical theme that will be thought provoking, a little controversial and can be debated from both sides. 

Then we have the fun of working with two teams of incredibly clever, funny and charismatic individuals who plot and scheme to find ways to entertain, outwit and even shock their opponents and our audience and judges in turn.

A good topic to debate

The structure of the topic and words used must allow our debaters to cleverly interpret and deliver their argument with an intelligent and often unexpected point of view. 

Last year the topic “That soft skills are the mark of a successful leader” was inspired by terrorist attacks in Christchurch when Jacinda Adern stood out as a World Leader with a heart and empathy.   It was one of the most entertaining, engaging and hilarious debates ever as Petrina Macpherson took to the stage and unexpectedly brought the house down with the best finish to a comedy debate we have ever seen!

This year Petrina returns to defend her crown as “Queen of Comedy” and she has brought with her an appropriate nemesis, introducing to the 2020 debate Barrister and well known casual comedian Steven Hogg.

Competitive teams ready to fight to the finish

In past years, our debating teams have been made up of a mixture of males and females, however this year we decided to pit an entirely female team against an entirely male team, which should definitely spice things up.  We always aim to include a mixture of personalities who are not only experienced debaters, but who will bring knowledge, expertise, entertainment and humour.

Each team has a Women of Influence Committee member whose job it is to coordinate the team meetings, provide the guidelines on format and roles, help decide on speaker order and enjoy their hilarious banter.  The fun begins as the teams work together to define and interpret the topic, form a strategy and work out ways to entertain, surprise and delight the audience and the judges.

This year, Petrina is joined by CEO of Weight Loss Solutions Australia, Wellness Warrior Felicity Cohen and our very own committee member Yvette Mason.

Bringing with him extensive experience as a comedy debater is Barister Steven Hogg, who is joined by the very witty journalist and radio personality Tom Forbes, and “The Hot Doctor” Dr Drew Moffrey.

Don't miss this epic event

Don’t miss this year’s Women of Influence Annual Great Debate, the anticipated and popular event will be brought to you via LIVE STREAM to enjoy on your device, computer or your office party!

Watch the hilarious antics of our very competitive debaters as they entertain, shock, surprise and delight you.

Get together with your colleagues at lunchtime Friday 11 September to be a part of this fabulous event, on stage at RACV Royal Pines and streamed live to you via high speed broadcast.

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