Bring back lighter energy and focus

The breakfast event on Thursday 9 September at RACV Royal Pines Resort will feature a Q & A panel with Jane Welsh, a Gold Coast born Ikigai enthusiast who has worked around the world in the nonprofit sector and delivered a TedXtalk on the topic in 2019 when she was living in Saudi Arabia and collaborating with expat women’s groups on Ikigai workshops.

Ikigai (pronounced ee – key – guy) is a Japanese way of striving for a balance between what is spiritual and what is practical.  The Japanese word “iki” means “alive” and the word “gai” means “worth”.  Ikigai is similar to the French term “raison d’etre” or “reason for being.”

Jane will be joined by Professor Julie Jomeen, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health at  Southern Cross University and Megan Bardsley, Emotional Wellbeing Manager and Equine Therapist at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.   Both will share the research, science and best practice of wellbeing and why challenging yourself to learn new things contributes towards your health and happiness.

One of our very own women of influence will be conducting the Q&A interview, Vice President Jodi Robertson who is a fantastic example of living a life of purpose based on Ikigai.  Not only has she lived overseas, studying her Honors in Japan, working and living in Chile and Belgium but Jodi herself has returned to study this year and is now a qualified business coach.

Jane Welsh says that the pandemic has forced us to change our pace of life, she believes we are now operating in ‘reactive mode’, which is neither healthy nor sustainable. The timing for this event is perfect as we need to learn how to bring back a lighter energy and focus on what is inspiring, uplifting and increases our sense of gratitude.

There will be the opportunity to learn how to be realistic and gentle with ourselves; to find the JOY again, because without it, what’s the point?

Thursday 9 September

Breakfast event at RACV Royal Pines Resort

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