This week the hugely anticipated event the Annual Great Debate will mark its way in history!

For Women of Influence this will be the first time we host a fully hybrid business event, it is a dream come true as we can share The Great Debate with guests from anywhere around the world!

And as we count down to lunchtime Friday 11 September, the debating teams are getting all fired up.


Our Three Women of Influence

Felicity Cohen, Georgia Lane, Petrina Macpherson

Our three women of influence will be supporting the notion THAT WOMEN ARE BETTER AT LOOKING AFTER THEMSELVES THAN MEN, they are well placed to argue the topic.

Felicity Cohen is a wellness warrior, Founder and CEO of WLSA; Georgia Lane is the Founder and President Women of Influence; and Petrina Macpherson is a lawyer, outspoken MC, speaker and stand-up comedian.

Together they will bring experience, research, humour and a whole lot of passion to the Women of Influence Annual Great Debate 2020.

Our Three Very Brave men

Tom Forbes, Dr Drew Moffrey, Steven Hogg

This year, we chose to have a male and a female team, and while the men will no doubt have a battle on their hands, they are truly well suited to the task.

Tom Forbes is a witty and creative journalist on ABC Radio: Dr Drew Moffrey is Obstetrician and Gynaecologist; and Steven Hogg is a barrister who is known for his humour, charisma and ability to impress audiences.

They have such impressive skills, amazing experience and a very unique sense of humour.

Fri-Yay with a difference!

Book your online ticket to join the fun!

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