Building Your Story

How do you capture someone at their tipping point of needing and wanting your service, product or advice?  By already having a relationship with them based on trust and credibility – this means having a great story and a marketing strategy to have your story told.

Lets look at how to start building your brand story and spreading it further than ever before but with consideration to who your target audience is and how to create a positive emotional connection with them.

The steps to do this are:

  • Know your audience
  • Know who you are
  • Know your connections
  • Know your community
  • Know your platform

To work out who is your target audience and what they want and like; start asking questions.  Send out a survey, use the “rule of 3” ask three (asking 3 questions in a row to really uncover how they feel), research their demographics, build segments within your database, Google Analytics, LinkedIn.  Build your client “Like List” based on their feedback around benefits, needs and wants.

Now start building your value proposition, linked with your clients’ “LikeList”.  Why are you here, what makes you passionate and unique.  Research brand stories and note which ones you like and why. Include logo and brand design and colours, images, messages, values

Once you have worked out WHO you are, WHAT you do best and WHY you do it it is time to deliver that message and start connecting.

Roll out your brand story via your website, email, blog, LinkedIn, video, business cards, newsletter, marketing material.  Choose your weapon, just make sure the message is clear, concise and consistent.

Influence the Influencers; if you use the right Connections and deliver your message clearly, consistently and with passion then the right people will get on board to help spread you message by “liking”, “following” and “sharing” your message.

Start doing these things and you will attract the right people and connect again and again and again.

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