This Saturday Women of Influence is holding a special event to support GC Suns AFLW

GC Suns approached us late last year about holding this event, it’s is well outside our normal program and we were worried about the timing and whether we could get enough people along.  However, we also immediately understood why supporting these girls was so important.  

The WOI committee all give our time as volunteers, outside of work, family and life commitments and so do the GC Suns AFL Women.    They are supported by GC Suns as a professional sports team, although they still have full time jobs, families and lives on top of their training regime.  Plus, fan support of the team and the code has to start somewhere.

We rise by lifting others

So when we got together to discuss whether we could do this as a show of our support we rolled up our sleeves and committed to putting on a great event.  All of our amazing committee members said “let’s do this” and while there have been times of uncertainty and a bit of “what have we done?” We all agree that we are proud to be living by our mantra “We rise by lifting others”.

Certainly every one of the women in the GC Suns team are already determined and confident in their ability and passion, they have worked hard and are ready for the challenge.   Now they will have an even bigger group of excited fans cheering them, some who have never been to an AFL match but who also know what #challengeAccepted means.

Brought back memories

My BRAND NEW YOU colleague Terri Reeves shared a story about the first ever AFLW game in Adelaide when the club was uncertain about how many supporters they would have attending.

“brought back memories of the first ever game of the AFLW, when supporters were locked out of Ikon Park because there simply wasn’t enough room to hold the masses, tens of thousands of footy lovers packed the stands in the South Australian capital to get a good seat for the Crows’ clash against Carlton.”


We said we would try to get 50 people, and now we are at full capacity with over 100!

The GC Suns Management team have been tremendous support as we have worked our way through the logistics.  Plus we were delighted this week when they told us we would be upgraded to the very prestigious VIP area, The Coaches Field Club. 

Our sponsors and supporters have also got behind us by booking tickets, donating prizes and spreading the word.

Rain or shine there will be 100 Women, men and children of Influence there on Saturday who will be so excited and proud to support GC Suns AFL Women’s team!