Do you have so much on your plate that achieving your goals AND feeling creative seems out of reach?

If you want to learn how to experience intense feelings of enjoyment through achievement, learning and growth, the next Women of Influence event is for you.

Our Key Note Speaker, Kylie Sprott, is a successful Senior Executive, Board Member and Harvard Alumni.  She has worked with teams to produce top quality results by harnessing creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Kylie is an advocate and example of how the concept of ” Flow” can bring meaning to our existence – she has researched and applied the method throughout her career with great results.

In a world where there are so many distractions and demands on output, being completely focused on the current task takes a lot of discipline and concentration.

Kylie will share her knowledge and experience with creating Flow including:

  • The theory and framework
  • The outcomes and benefits
  • what conditions you need to create Flow
  • How to encourage Flow within your team
  • Methods and tools to create Flow


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