Excited about next week's event

The last few weeks I have had the absolute pleasure to meet and talk with our 4 amazing panel members for next week’s International Women’s Day event.

I am so excited to introduce them to you and I know you will enjoy what they have to share as much as I have.


Dr Karen Coates

Dr Karen is a very well known and respected medical professional whose focus is on women’s health.  She is featured in many great publications, on radio, TV and on the speaking circuit.  When I spoke with Dr Karen she was about to set off on a tour with Gwinganna to ACT and Vic.

Dr Karen’s focus is on empowering women to make better choices for living, she explains things in such a way that it makes sense.  She also encourages us to be responsible for our own health and this doesn’t mean being radical in any way, but just being aware of the affects of certain choices and forming a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

One of the things I really love about Dr Karen is her practice of getting away for R&R, she is off to France in July for 3 months!  I am already taking a page out of her book and have booked a Wellness weekend at Gwinganna (can’t wait!!!)

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Dr Shahina Braganza

Shahina is a Senior Emergency Medicine doctor, although she is not what you would expect from such a medical professional working in one of Australia’s busiest Emergency Departments.

We met at Gold Coast University Hospital and I was immediately calmed by her presence and so interested in the stories she had to share. 

Shahina aims to share stories from the frontline of healthcare, to teach the methods they use to overcome stress and improve performance as individuals and as a professional community.  Her techniques include mindfullness, encouraging managers to be vulnerable and even implementing dance. 

Just like Women of Influence,  Shahina believes in the power of connecting with others to learn and grow.

Lisa Spencer RN

When we met with Lisa, Jodi Robertson and I were so surprised and delighted with her experience, knowledge and her passion to share that with others.  She had experienced decades of growth throughout her career as an RN when the medical industry started to look at the holistic approach to wellness.  She has seen massive changes over the decades and continues to learn and study ways to care for ourselves and make better, more infomed decisions when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Lisa now sees things from a different angle as a business owner of an aesthetic services provider, Laser Clinics Australia Runaway Bay.  In her years as a psych nurse working with cancer patients and people suffering from eating disorders, Lisa became so aware of the importance of feeling good about ourselves and now encourages women to look after and treat themselves, allowing them to be confident and reward themselves.

Leschen Smaller CA

Our very own provider of certainty and truth, Leschen relieves stress and provides relief in a different way to our other panel members.  However, her skill and experience is no less important.  As we all know, financial stress can cause so much anxiety, it can wreck relationships and ruin lives.

Leschen’s mantra is Financial Mindfullness, and similarly to Lisa Spencer, she believes in asking questions and providing advice without ego or judgement.


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