For all people of Influence!

Women of Influence has been delivering events for over 17 years for like-minded businesspeople to CONNECT, LEARN & GROW. The good news is that our events welcome anybody with the same values and motivation to learn and connect with others.

These are uncertain times, so it’s more important than ever to have a community you can interact with.  Founder and President Georgia Lane tells us that Women of Influence started when pokies payid businesswomen didn’t have many opportunities to connect with others in a professional and warm environment. 

“In 2004 there were many events for businessmen but very few for businesswomen,’ says Georgia, “the Gold Coast has many SMEs and branches for large corporates, but unlike the capital cities, there is no true CBD to meet with other professionals.  Our four events a year allow guests to be with other businesspeople in a non-threatening environment, earn something new, build relationships and have an enjoyable time.”

Today Women of Influence welcomes over 1,000 guests annually and has a great reputation for delivering a well-executed event with a warm and friendly audience. 

“We are run by volunteers who truly represent our target audience, we are all professionals with busy careers and family responsibilities, so we know the importance of an event that runs on time and delivers opportunities for mentoring, socialising and learning,” says Georgia.

Women of Influence (WOI) events also give back, with funds raised from each event being donated to meaningful, local causes.  The main charity we partner with is RADFLY (Realise a Difference for Local Youth) and we enjoy providing support to Gold Coast youths through Ohana for Youth, YHES House and Arcadia College.

The next WOI event is breakfast on Friday 9th of September and is focused on providing some important tools for these challenging times, our expert speakers will dive into self-care, mindfulness and presence.

Alan Riva

Alan Riva is one of Australia’s leaders in the field of purpose and presence as a public speaker, author and leadership advisor.

Felicity Cohen

Felicity Cohen is an award-winning CEO, wellness warrior and one of Australia’s leading pioneers in the movement to end obesity and weight-related disease and illness in children and adults.