Our Lineup to Celebrate International Women's Day

Megan Norris is an experienced award-winning journalist, best-selling True Crime author and vocal advocate for justice, fair treatment and giving a voice to the survivors of some of Australia’s most horrific crimes. A former UK court reporter, Megan is the award-winning author of eight books and widely recognised for her work in the field of criminal justice reporting. Her commitment to accurate and impartial reporting has earned her numerous accolades, including journalism awards from leading organizations in her field. Through her work, Norris has established herself as a respected voice in the field of criminal justice journalism and continues to play a crucial role in promoting transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system.

Working to address systemic inequalities in the criminal justice system and promote fairness for all, Megan is particularly dedicated to advocating for marginalised communities, including people of colour and those who are economically disadvantaged, who are often disproportionately affected by the criminal justice system. She is known for her tireless efforts to challenge systemic biases, promote accountability and transparency, and work towards a more equitable criminal justice system. Norris’s work has been recognized as a critical part of the ongoing movement for equality and justice in the criminal justice system.

Her first book, Perfect Victim, co-authored with Elizabeth Southall, is now a movie starring Sam Neill, Miranda Otto and Guy Pearce. Megan’s eighth book – The Messiah’s Bride – is due to be released on February 14th with Penguin Random House, exploring the damaging impact of systematic brainwashing, sexual co-ercion and abuse.

A regular contributor to Australian Women’s Weekly, Megan has appeared on Foxtel’s Crimes That Shook Australia, Channel Seven’s Sunday Night and Today Tonight and on Ten’s The Project. She has also been a regular guest on Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb’s acclaimed podcast, Australian True Crime, on the Stalking Australia podcast and ABC Radio’s Nightlife. Her work has been syndicated worldwide.

Megan has also recently been appointed as the Queensland Convenor for Sisters in Crime, an organisation celebrating women’s crime writing since 1991.

To celebrate International Women’s Day and in support of Women of Influence, Matt Ward Entertainment presents an exclusive live performance by the leading ladies of Beautiful The Carole King Musical: Julia Dray and Elenoa Rokobaro.  Julia and Elenoa will sing some of the Carole King’s greatest hits as featured in the show.

Beautiful The Carole King Musical tells the inspiring true story of one woman’s remarkable journey from teenage songwriter to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  

From the string of pop classics Carole King wrote for the biggest acts in music, to her own life-changing, chart-busting success with ‘Tapestry’, BEAUTIFUL takes you back to where it all began—and takes you on the ride of a lifetime.

This crowd-pleasing international phenomenon is filled with the songs you remember—and the story you’ll never forget.

Playing exclusively at The Star Gold Coast
11 March – 9 April 2023