Looking back and looking forward


The Year That Was – Women of Influence 2019

We held 6 events, for nearly 800 guests, donated over $17,000, connected, educated, grew and had fun!

1) International Women’s Day - Thursday 7 March 2019

With the amazing Kylie Sprott as our MC as she explored the notion that “Fortune Favours the Brave”  Kylie chatted with our local businesswomen of Influence, with Stacy Miller and Tania Meli who shared inspirational, honest and heartfelt stories. 
We were laughing one minute and crying the next as we listened to these three leaders share stories of Ambition, courage and rainbows.

2) The Annual Great Debate in June

The topic “That soft skills are the mark of a successful leader.” came about after observing Jacinda Adern acting as a person first and a leader second in the face of terrorist attacks.  Our debaters looked to our inspirating and uninspiring World Leaders. 

Official judge, John Morris had his work cut out for him with one of the most entertaining, engaging and hilarious debates ever!

3) September Event was all about you

Our Keynote was Emily Kucukalic, MD of Australia’s leading Personal Branding & Professional Development Agency.

We learned about the science of personal branding, how to leverage our strengths and improve our physical presence to create impact.

Emily is such a charismatic and engaging presenter, her material is research-based and created by the world’s leading authorities and institutions which she combines with her own marketing and branding techniques developed over a three decades of working with clients.

We loved every minute and learned so much!


4) Our first half day workshop

In October we held a half day workshop to dive deeper into creating an impact with Brand New You, when Emily Kucukalic and Georgia Lane took participants further into the theory and practice of developing our personal brands.

Everyone discovered ways to become more deliberate, distinctive and authentic in the way we communicate and act.

We walked away with an understanding of our top strengths, how to change status, walk with influence and start to understand how we can have more impact.

5) Platinum Sponsor's High Tea

We hosted an exclusive High Tea event at Videre.  With breathtaking views over the Gold Coast and Executive Chef’s delicious sweet and savory treats.  It was a lovely way to spend a few hours together and say “Thank you for all your support!”

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6) High Tea and Business Bubbles

Our final event for 2019 was a wonderful example of how we live to our mantra “We Rise by lifting others”.

The feeling in the fully packed room was one of joy, unity & celebration for the Annual High Tea Business Bubbles. This time with the delightful Lisa Burling.

Reflection and growth

The Christmas and New Year holidays are normally a time for R&R, friends, family and fun.  Although for many it was a time of challenge, bravery and heartbreak.  

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the bushfires, people and creatures, our environment, air qaulity, flora and fauna. 

Whether you were directly or indirectly affected we hope the experience will bring positive growth for you.

For Women of Influence it was a time to consider how we can continue offering the warm and professional community.  We have some exciting things happening in 2020 starting with our International Women’s Day event Thursday 5th March.

Stay tuned for more…

Our next event

International Women’s Day 2020 campaign theme #EachforEqual