Respect from our token male

Marco Renai will be a notable member of the panel addressing the notion of balance and perfection at the next Women of Influence event, Thursday 28 July 2016 at Royal Pines Resort.

Notable as the token male of the panel, but Marco will also in his experience in balancing health, business, family and contribution to the community.

marco-amberMARCO left the hospitality industry over ten years ago to start a career as a Personal Training, he and his wife Amber opened Healthy Lifestyle Club four years ago and it is now one of the Gold Coast’s most well-known and truly holistic health and well-being clubs.

Our intention with HLC was to create a ‘GYM’ that’s not a ‘GYM’. We are a Healthy Lifestyle Club (HLC), a place that embraces Yoga-Pilates-Strength-Cardio-Clean eating and above all Friendship.

Marco also founded Men of Business (MOB), which runs mentoring programs through for at-risk youth.  MOB started with six boys in its first program, and in the last year has seen through 200.  The program uses Healthy Lifestyle Club to take the boys through eight weeks of physical training at the gym, concurrent with education to help them navigate their lives.

When asked about the topic for the Women of Influence Event and what balance means to him, Marco said “I think the word that comes to mind is respect. Respect for myself, respect for my wife, respect for my kids and respect for my work. When I respect the importance of these areas of my life I will find the time and the energy to deliver.”

We look forward to spending a morning with Marco when he joins fellow panelists, Shannon Willoughby, Paula Robinson.  The Q&A style panel will be hosted by radio personality Moyra Major and will be held on Thursday 28 July at RACV Royal Pines Resort.

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