Spotlight on Dr Drew Moffrey

Can we be so bold as to call Dr Drew the “Hot Doctor”? We say this in the most positive way and mainly because he is such a caring individual when it come to empowering women to better look after their health and wellbeing.

Dr Drew Moffrey is a local Gold Coaster who was born in Pindara Hospital and as such, he is possibly the first specialist actually born there, to return to work there!

Raised on the Gold Coast, Drew attended The Southport School and then Griffith University. 

He is a father of a teenage daugther whom he refers to as “the beautiful Scarlett”.  He is also an active participant in surf lifesaving and triathlons. 

Dr Drew believes that prevention is better than cure and that women can take better care of themselves if they have access to the right information.  

He was awarded the respected Crown Street medal for his research into gestational diabetes, has presented research at the Australian Diabetic Association conference and was awarded “Citizen of the Year” from Griffith University Medical School for recognition of his dedication to both medicine and the community.

The Annual Great Debate

So naturally he is a great friend of Women of Influence and the perfect candidate to be on this year’s debate team as we tackle the topic “THAT WOMEN ARE BETTER AT LOOKING AFTER THEMSELVES THAN MEN”

In this interview with our President Georgia Lane, Dr Drew shares some of his views on how women could take better care of themselves, how COVID-19 has created an opportunity to stay in touch with clients more easily via telehealth and also allowed him to spend more time with his precious family.

We are so excited to have Dr Drew as a supporter and as one of our debaters!

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