Jodi Robertson

Jodi is a businesswoman, Mum, wife and everyone’s best friend.  She has been a Women of Influence committee member for 7 years and is now our Vice President.

Don’t be misguided by her always happy, bubbly personality in a small package, this gorgeous little ray of light is an influential force.  Jodi speaks 5 languages, has worked around the world, speaks on the national circuit and has built her own networking empire as Regional Vice President of Arbonne International.

Jodi’s background is teaching English as a second language, which she has been doing for 30 years, she is an English examiner for IELTS (International English Language Testing system – based on Cambridge University language aptitude test) and private coach who is passionate about tutoring and helping foreigners master English as their second language.

In her youth Jodi travelled the World – she spent time in Japan when she was awarded a scholarship by the Japanese Government.  She completed her final year of her degree – Bachelor of Arts with Honours – in Japanese.  Jodi also lived in Chilli where she worked for the Chilean Navy as an English teacher.

“Always remember that the goal of influence is not about manipulation; it’s participation.” John C Maxwell (one of Jodi’s favourite writers and Influencers)