The July event is entertaining, real and very funny!

Every working Mum has felt the pressure to be a super successful, poised and calm corporate dynamo.  As hard as we try we will still feel scrutinised by the ever attentive “non-working” Mums chatting in their workout clothes after delivering their impeccably groomed children to school each day.  While we juggle our clients and bosses and barely have time for lunch we still feel guilty for not helping in the tucksop or baking red velvet cupcakes for the cake stall.

When we saw the trailer for the upcoming movie Bad Moms (please excuse the American spelling) we couldn’t help but relate, feel normal and have a great laugh.

So the next Women of Influence event is a Q&A panel inspired by this movie and all the working parents who feel the pangs of Mother-guilt, Father-guilt, career-guilt and guilt that we are not reaching perfection in every aspect of our lives.

It is OK to admit we are not perfect, that we do get frazzled, that we do yell at our kids, neglect our relationships and our health just because we are finding it hard to fit it all in.  Let’s take a moment to celebrate that we are not alone and to stop and have a laugh.

Join us for an entertaining Q&A discussion, to hear tall stories and humorous anecdotes from those who know what it is like to outwardly attempt to display perfection while missing school events, not being a beautiful attentive wife, not getting to the gym and doing everything on your “To Do” list.


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