The personal branding journey continues

At the workshop each participant received their strengths and virtues on beautiful, customised cards.  I hope the cards have been shared with friends, family and colleagues and are now being referred to as a guidance for decisions and actions.

Personally, knowing my top five strengths has given me a great deal of clarity and allows me to be more deliberate, authentic and consistent.


Emily shared the flipside with a handout “Your strength is your weakness”.  This is an excellent way to understand our characters even more.

For example, many of us had “Honesty” as the leading strength – this is a wonderful virtue.  However, if not understood it can also get us into trouble.  The downside of Honesty is that sometimes being honest can come across as insensitive.

Do you (or should you) tell the whole truth?  We are not suggesting you lie, but perhaps some information can be more harmful than helpful.

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Your strength is your weakness

Reading lists

BNY Bibliography

As promised, Emily has provided a copy of her Bibliography. This is a long list of links, articles, research and journals which the BNY team have built over the years. 

In most cases, you can copy and paste into Google and you will find the material, it’s not your usual set of books, podcasts and videos and if you have the time you will learn more about the BNY way of thinking. 

Everything BNY does is research based, their teachings draw on age old acting techniques, marketing expertise and world class psychological studies to help you build a stronger external focus to become more engaging and adaptive to different situations.

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Continued learning with

I love every minute of absorbing the BNY8 content, each morning I sit down with a cup of tea and read.  The learnings and techniques are so much richer than I am used to, I have many years of branding and marketing experience, but this is deeper and research based.

My leading strength is Zest – so I am always approaching things with everything I have.
So, in addition to the BNY list I have included a few of my own favourite books and podcasts to share with you.

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You would have received some information in your welcome packs regarding BNY8, the 8-week extension of the workshop. Each week you will receive theory, followed by “To do” which is homework to continue your personal branding journey.

Please contact me if you are interested in BNY8 for you or your team.

My reading & listening list

A picture tells a thousand words

For details about the session with Amanda

While your personal brand is not all about looks, images and social media, it is important to create a consistent brand story.  With this in mind, I have also included information from our very talented Woman of Influence, Amanda Ramsay – Queensland Makeup Artist of the year.

If you would like to update your photos for LinkedIn and the “About Us” area of your website, Amanda is working on a makeup and photo session.  If you are interested, please contact Amanda directly. 

The photo session is an opportunity to continue sharing of connections to an experts in the Women of Influence community.