This Year's Theme - Food for Thought

As the global rich lists fill with social media influencers with followers and funds; as Australia decides on our leaders based on environmental policy, cost of living and respect for women; and Ukrainians consider whether the greatest power and cost is money, land or lives – we consider the thought-provoking topic:

That the power of money is the greatest form of influence.

At the Women of Influence Annual Great Debate we will see our teams battle it out over a very topical theme – money, power and influence.

Don’t miss this entertaining, often hilarious, enlightening and sometimes controversial event on Thursday 9th June at RACV Royal Pines Resort.

What are your thoughts?

Is money the ultimate form of power?  Or is it followers, philanthropy, leadership, land, beauty, brains…. or something else?

We have a fantastic lineup of debaters, from CEOs, lawyers, leaders, Doctors and Do-gooders – and are looking forward to seeing how they interpret this thought-provoking topic.

Meet the Affirmative Team

Meet the Opposing Team