Top 5 tips for connecting at events

The Women of Influence Annual Survey revealed that the number one reason why you attend our events is to connect with others.  With this in mind, we have made a few tweaks to the usual format.

We run our breakfasts on a very tight schedule to ensure you can get off to work on time, so one of the best times to connect with others is during the half hour of registrations with coffee and tea.  From 6:30 am guests can arrive, get their name badges, buy raffle tickets and see who is there.  It’s an excellent time to introduce yourself to a new person, join a group or find somebody you recognise.


At next week’s event we will also have our fabulous photographer Annie Noon, taking group photos in front of the lovely big “Red Carpet Style” Cronin Miller banner.  

Cronin Miller Litigation,  are long time supporters and platinum sponsors.  Derek Cronin and Stacy Miller certainly know all about events and connecting.  

So please take the opportunity to arrive early, get your photo taken and meet other like-minded people.


To help you make the most out of any event , I have written my “Top 5 Tips for connecting with others”.  For most of my career in business development and marketing roles, I have had the opportunity to attend events, and often this was on my own.  So I have a few things I did to make the most of each event, to reduce any anxiety of walking into a big room of people and to enjoy myself a bit more.



Our events are always on Facebook and promoted on Instagram and LinkedIn, so you can spend a few minutes checking out who else will be there.  You can also use these platforms to look them up, look at their business and what they have been up to.  Make a list of names or note a few faces you may recognise.  They might just be somebody whom you share a common interest with.


If you have attended our events before you will know the venue, we always hold them at RACV Royal Pines.  There is easy parking below, take a moment to think of how to get there, where to park and how to access the room.  This will remove some stress.

Then clear your mind.  Be open.  Be in the moment.  Focus on others rather than yourself, and if you see somebody looking like they are on their own, please introduce yourself to them.


Ask open ended questions to ensure  you will get a longer, descriptive and honest response.  For example, a question starting with “Tell me about…”, or “How did you find…” rather than a question which can be answered with “Yes” or “No”.

  • THE RULE OF 3.

When you ask a question, be sure to listen for something that the other person likes talking about.  Then go deeper, ask another question on that topic, then again.  Use their words to create the next question.

For example, “You said your business is challenged by client’s misunderstanding of the available bandwidth in the area, what did you mean by that?”


Write down their name and details including a description of what they look like, what they do and what you spoke to them about.

Connect with them on LinkedIn, ensure you include a message or send an email – within 24 hours is best but within a week is fine.  Your message should include context (where you met) and compliment “It was great to meet you at…I really enjoyed talking with you about…”

Next time you come to our event you may see your new friend again!

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