We all work for organisations, don’t we?

By Brand New You

We all work for organisations, don't we?

No. People work for people, not organisations. We rarely leave a role because we aren’t sure about the organisation, it is usually always about who we work for. We don’t like them.

Humans are the only species in the known universe that want to be liked. No other species cares. Rats don’t give a rats. Bears don’t give a toss. Fish couldn’t care less. And even more importantly, we like people who like us and don’t like people who don’t like us.


That. Is. A. Fact. And it is one that no psychologist has cracked, although they keep trying. Why do we like people? Why do some people not like us?

One thing we know for sure, thanks to the likes of Dr Adam Galinsky and Daniel Kahneman, is that connection will improve the likelihood of someone liking us. So how do you connect with others?

Here’s three great tips that we share with our clients:

  1. Take the time to find something in common. And go deep. Having children, working for the same company or even living in the same suburb is not the same as sharing your passion for a certain book, macrame or motorbikes. Think about how much you enjoy speaking with people who are watching the same TV series as you are and how much you feelthat you have in common with them.
  2. Be vulnerable – expose yourself (in an appropriate way). Truman Capote said that the only way to get someone to tell you a secret was to tell them one of your own.
  3. See people – really see them. Stop and take people in. You will be surprised what you see, and how valued they feel when you see them.

In meetings, interviews, negotiations and more, it is important that your brand delivers its content in a manner that is deliberate, consistent and authentic. If you want to win over colleagues, investors or even your partner and kids, get in touch and we’ll show you how to have real presence.

About Brand New You

Brand New You (BNY) are Australia’s number one personal branding and professional development agency. Through our unique programs, we focus on understanding the individual’s strengths and how to project these, creating great impact.

Our programs use material and research created by the world’s leading authorities and institutions and combines it with marketing and branding techniques developed over a three decades of working with clients.

Specifically we draw on:

  • Psychology techniques and research – traditional and modern.
  • Acting techniques developed by Patsy Rodenburg, Stanislavski, Meisner and Razowsky.
  • Speaking and breathing techniques referencing Alexander technique and Laban.
  • Marketing and Branding research and insight from across the profession.

Combining these techniques, we help people to increase their presence, impact and influence.  We provide one on one or one to many training for your team’s professional development and outsourced branding and marketing management.

Women of Influence’s Founder and President, Georgia Lane recently joined the team to offer our services in Queensland.  If you would like to know more you can contact Georgia.

October half day workshop

An immersive, challenging half-day experience to help you understand how to project your best self, have more confidence and presence and to create a lasting impact on others.

November High Tea

Our only afternoon event of the year, the always popular business, bubbles and high tea. This year with businesswoman and author of "Dream a Little Dream", Lisa Burling.

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