Our affirmative team of influential women

The Annual Great Debate this year is all about TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES – a topic which is at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

When we came up with this annual theme, we had no idea that it would become so crucial.  The topic came about because we felt that many women tend to put others before themselves and that we could learn a thing or two about taking better care of ourselves physically and mentally.

Our three women of influence will be supporting the notion THAT WOMEN ARE BETTER AT LOOKING AFTER THEMSELVES THAN MEN are well placed to argue the topic.

Felicity Cohen is a wellness warrior, Founder and CEO of WLSA; Georgia Lane is the Founder and President women of Influence committee member; and Petrina Macpherson is a lawyer, outspoken MC, speaker and stand up comedian.

Together they will bring experience, research, humour and a whole lot of passion to the Women of Influence Annual Great Debate 2020.


Felicity Cohen is a CEO, business pioneer, advocate of research and Wellness Warrior.  She leads WLSA, the business she founded, over 20 years ago by example as the fit and healthy figurehead for national and international conferences, events and education programs to empower people to make great choices when it comes to their long term health.

More recently Project GRIT evolved as Felicity saw the ever-growing number of obese adults in Australia with mental health comorbidities, starting with the importance of establishing healthy

lifestyle behaviours in childhood and adolescents.

Felicity grew up in Melbourne; has lived in France and has lived on the Gold Coast for the past 20 years. She has 2 amazing adult kids aged 25 and 22.


Georgia is the Founder and President of Women of Influence,  she started the organisation 15 years ago when she and a few colleagues in the Financial Services industry saw a need for professional women’s events on the Gold Coast.  In 2020 the Not-for-profit organisation is on a mission to help like-minded people to CONNECT, LEARN & GROW. 

Georgia is also an experienced marketer and branding consultant with her business Fastlane 30 Consulting and is the Marketing Director of Australian Financial Advisory Network (AFAN).

Georgia’s leading strengths are zest, honesty and bravery – meaning that she when she does things, she does them well and with all her heart. 

Georgia is married with two children, she was born in Sydney and has been on the Gold Coast for nearly 30 years.


Petrina Macpherson is a Lawyer and Stand Up Comedian, and if you were at The Women of Influence Annual Great Debate last year, then you will remember her as the one who received a standing ovation and brought the room down in surprise and fits of laughter.

On a day to day basis, Petrina specialises in construction and infrastructure disputes, she has a diverse range of experience in all aspects of commercial litigation and is currently undertaking a master’s in construction law at the University of Melbourne.

Petrina loves spending time with her boys DM and Gomez as they make the most of all things WFH.