Secrets from a Beauty Insider was created for busy superwomen, over the age of 40 who just aren’t ready to embrace mid-life.

Amanda Ramsay, an experienced Professional Makeup Artist, is on a mission to help women over 40 feel damn fabulous about themselves using a little genuine insider beauty know-how.

Over the last 15 years, Amanda has collaborated with some of Sydney’s best creative in the fashion and commercial advertising industries. 2018 Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year and Finalist for Educator of the Year (Individual), Event/Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year Amanda now brings her industry insider know-how to Queensland.

Her professional career started while working for advertising agencies in Sydney and London. It was whilst on a shoot in London that she had her lightbulb moment. “The makeup artist definitely had the best job.” So in 2003, after qualifying as a makeup artist in London, she landed back in Sydney to work as a first assistant on a Jet music video and life has never been the same.

Now, in her mid-40’s (a time poor, busy working mother with 2 gorgeous rambunctious boys Amanda has found her calling.

Secrets from a  Beauty Insider is all about helping women over 40 refresh their look and remain visible and rock on through the inevitable process of ageing. Amanda guest speaks at women in business events and runs workshops for corporate and professional women looking to nail their personal brand.

Secrets from a Beauty Insider exists to inspire women to love themselves just that little bit more, play with makeup, navigate the minefield that is the cosmetics industry, to ultimately feel more confident about re-entering the workforce after children, illness, whatever it might be that knocked them for six.

It’s a feel good revolution. No fluff here. Just professional, genuine and honest advice – with some helpful “how to” videos with age appropriate insights and guidance.

Who is Amanda?

A 46-year-old mother of two little scoundrels William and Charlie. Her life is wild, woolly and super busy. She wears magic pants and sensible (but sparkly) shoes. Surrounded by makeup and beauty products is her happy place.

Amanda is an advocate for women making cleaner beauty choices. She is passionate about educating and empowering women in 100% natural, non-toxic beauty products.

Amanda runs Makeup Masterclasses for women over 40, expert guidance in an intimate small group setting. CLICK HERE for upcoming dates and more information.

She runs one-on-one ‘Ask Amanda’ sessions to help guide you on the right products for your face right now, so you can stop wasting money on products that aren’t right and find products that suit you. CLICK HERE

She loves sharing her industry insider knowledge from behind-the-scenes on shoots with women over 40. It makes her heart sing.

“It is such a gift to work with women and I get a kick out of the joy a little makeup- know-how can bring,” says Amanda.



Amanda Ramsay 0414 303 736

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