Spotlight Series on our committee members

Taking a quick diversion from the planning for our next event, which will be the last for 2019 – Our 29 November High Tea and Business Bubbles featuring Lisa Burling.

Last week Women of Influence held our AGM (Annual General Meeting), where we check in with our goals and objectives as an organisation amongst other official business. 

Meet our amazing Women of Influence Committee Members

They are all clever ladies, who are successful in their careers, have demanding family and social lives and yet they volunteer to be involved with Women of Influence.

Why do we give up our time?  

“The opportunity to be a part of organising great events with great people whilst giving back to the community and fostering relationships with other like minded Gold Coast Women.” commented one of our committee members in our recent survey.


Well you know them, you see them at each event, either at registration, selling raffle tickets, up on stage or just smiling proudly.

Below are our amazing committee members with their top 5 strengths as discovered in the Brand New You personal branding workshop.

Jodi Robertson

Jodi is a businesswoman, Mum, wife and everyone’s best friend.  She has been a Women of Influence committee member for 7 years and is not only our Vice President but our “Ray of Sunshine”.

Jodi, who speaks five launguages, has had an incredible academic and career history is always learning how to be an even more impressive leader, speaker and business woman.

Jodi’s top strengths are:

1) Love of Learning

2) Humour

3) Gratitude

4) Fairness

5) Social Intelligence

Alana Ryzner

Alana is a talented Associate lawyer with MinterEllison.  She is hard working, honest and firm in her advice. 

She is also fun, easy going and an absolute pleasure to be around.  As a new Mum she is leading by example and raising her own little Woman of Influence.

Alana’s top strengths are:

1) Humour

2) Love

3) Social Intelligence

4) Hope

5) leadership

Nicola is a social and marketing whirlwind who has decades of experience with some of Queensland’s most iconic brands, she uses her incredible relationship building, sales and marketing experience to run a successful real estate business and manage our sponsorship partnerships.

Nicola is warm, funny, always flat out and she has her own unique style, looking fabulous and polished no matter what she is doing.

Nicola’s top strengths are:

1) Humour

2) Love

3) Gratitude

4) Fairness

5) Bravery

Donna has worked in the Banking and Finance industry for over 30 years and is the National Deposit & Payments Manager for Suncorp Bank.

She is the longest standing WOI Committee member after our Founder Georgia.  Her dedication, care and compassion make her a truly loyal and warm friend and her honesty is truly appreciated.

Donna’s top strengths are:

1) Kindness

2) Honesty

3) Judgement

4) Perspective

5) Love of Learning

Anita Daley

Anita is our Treasurer, she works hard in her own time to ensure we are reconciled, balanced and on track.

Anita is always smiling, positive and fair to all, she always does what she says she will do.

Anita’s top strengths are:

1) Fairness

2) Perseverance

3) Forgiveness

4) Love

5) Judgement

Yvette Mason

Yvette is such a talented property lawyer and a quiet achiever.  An Associate with MinterEllison Gold Coast and currently secondee at Gold Coast Airport. 

She is a genuine and warm person, who when she speaks up shows her care and intellect.

As a new Mum she is bringing another talented Women of Influence up with love and passion.

Yvette’s top strengths are:

1) Love

2) Judgement

3) Love of Learning

4) Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

5) Honesty

Leschen Smaller

We have been lucky to have the clever financial intellect and unique perspective twice as a member of the WOI committee. Leschen was a member of the committee a decade ago when we were known as Women in Finance.  

Leschen can look at a balance sheet and see opportunities and issues immediately, it’s like a “seventh sense”.  She now brings this skill and experience to her own practice, Element Business and Accounting. 

Leschen’s top strengths are:

1) Appreciation of Excellence and Beauty

2) Creativity

3) Honesty​

4) Humour

5) Judgement

Our amazing Committee Member, Jacinta Smith, is such an adventurer and a crusader.  She is so kind and generous, always helping others!

Currently Jacinta is in Cambodia, Goo Sambath helping to build homes for the locals.  She has travelled to China on a scholarship from Griffith Uni where she is studying Social Services. 

When she is home Jacinta helps RADFLY, Women of Infuence and any doggies who need a walk and a cuddle.

We think you are amazing Jacinta!!

Dakota Lilly-Morris

We are very excited to announce that our bright, bubbly, clever and beautiful Committee member Dakota has been accepted to be a Judges Associate for the Queensland Government in the Supreme Court.

We will miss Dakota’s always positive attitude and enthusiasm, although we so very proud of her for this achievment of making it through the huge interview process, it’s a great stepping stone in her career and she will learn so much from working with Justice Boddice.

Well done Dakota and thank you for being such a wonderful committee member and friend.

Joanna Dee

Joanna Dee is the silent power behind Women of Influence, she has been our Virtual Administration Assistant for many years now, answering emails, organising registrations, setting up the events pages and reconciling our accounts.  We absolutely could not do this without her!

What many of you may not know is that Joanna is an Englishwoman in South East Asia.  Born in the UK, but residing in the Phillippines, or Indonesia, or Malaysia or whereever she chooses.

Joanna is a wonderful assistant.  We all feel we know her so well, even though we have not met her face to face.

Georgia Lane (me)

Our strengths can also be our weaknesses, and sometime my zest for life, curiosity and honesty do get me in trouble.

I am certainly proud of starting Women of Influence fifteen years ago and giving it my all for every event.  The best outcome of all is the friendships I have made along the way. 

The committee members, our guests, charity partners, sponsors and supporters are a wonderful extension of my family.  I love what I have with them and what I have learned from them.

Yvette’s top strengths are:

1) Zest

2) Curiosity

3) Honesty

4) Kindness

5) Bravery